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Our Grandmother’s Jade

While the right home begins with beds, baths and parking spots it never ends there. At least, not at our brokerage.

Agent’s Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID) – SF Real Estate

As one of my favorite brokers once joked, an agent visual inspection disclosure (AVID) is a visual inspection that an agent can do in heels. The point being that both individual sales agents in a transaction (the seller’s agent representing the seller and the buyer’s agent representing the buyer, (if it is dual agency, both individuals […]

What is a Mechanic’s Lien?

Whether you are a first time San Francisco home buyer or a seasoned pro, you might not know what a Mechanic’s Lien is and how it can affect your purchase of a home in SF. Simply put, a mechanic’s lien is: A security interest in the title to the property for the protection of those who […]

A Guide to Pre-Paid Interest

Pre-Paid Interest is a Closing Cost that Often Confuses Buyers At the close of escrow, a buyer is responsible for providing both the remainder of their down payment as well as any closing costs associated with the transaction, so that the loan can fund and the transaction can close. Pre-paid interest is a charge on […]

Buyer Agency Explained

What duty do I owe a buyer when acting solely as a buyer’s agent? An in-depth look at buyer agency in California.

Pre-Paid Interest Explained

Where does pre-paid interest come from? How is it calculated? A common closing cost explained.

How’s the Market?

How’s the Market? It’s a question that I get… a lot. Real Estate in San Francisco tends to delight, thrill, terrify, or annoy pretty much everyone. So whether I’m standing in line for a cup of coffee, waiting for a car wash, or picking my kiddo up I can pretty much expect to answer this […]

Title Deed vs. Deed of Trust vs. Deed of Reconveyance?

A title deed shows ownership of the property executed between two parties: grantee (buyer) and grantor (seller). There are three types of title deeds you might encounter in a San Francisco real estate transaction. In San Francisco, deeds are recorded with the city’s office of the assessor-recorder: 1) The grant deed: This document transfers ownership and […]