Mid-Century Modern Homes in San Francisco

July 13, 2022

Sinatra fan or not, everyone loves the low-slung, open-style, welcome to the future from the imagination-of-the-past homes that were the native habitat of Mr. Sinatra and his 1950s crooning cronies. “Ol’ Blue Eyes” may be no more than a song, but the architecture lives on in one of California’s most enduring and popular home styles: […]

The Crazy Streets of Golden Gate Heights

October 13, 2011

The western side of San Francisco has a reputation for streets that are laid out in a neat and orderly grid. The north/south streets are pretty much all numerically ordered, getting larger as you approach the Pacific Ocean. Hence the nickname of “The Avenues.” Golden Gate Heights, though, is the exception to this orderly and logical layout. […]