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Aesthetically Speaking

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast we welcome back a guest who has been featured in publications such as Gentry Home and recognized for his talents with an award from the American Society of Interior Designers – Kevin Sawyers of Sawyers Design.

A Pragmatic Pee Solution?

The public urinal recently added to Dolores Park has received quite a bit of national media attention. However, for all that attention it wasn’t until I actually visited the newly installed pissoir in person that I discovered its most remarkable yet un-remarked upon feature: the view! The public urinal (we agree with SFist on this […]

You say “Eureka Valley”, I say “Castro”

Eureka Valley or The Castro? Conspiracy or Geography?

The Castro (Eureka Valley)

The Castro neighborhood in just 59 seconds: While the San Francisco multiple listing service calls it Eureka Valley, the world knows it as The Castro, the heart of gay life in San Francisco. Bounded roughly by Market street to the north and west sides, 22nd street to the south, and Valencia and Church streets to […]