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3 Cool Things About… Sherwood Forest!

Sherwood Forest is most well known for one thing: being the smallest neighborhood in San Francisco. You may also know it for its name being associated with the legend of Robin Hood. You may even know that it used to carry the nickname “Pill Hill” due to the sheer number of doctors who called it home. But here are three cool things about the neighborhood that you may not know:

3 Cool Things About… The Castro!

The Castro is one of San Francisco’s most well known neighborhoods, so you may know quite a bit about it. One of the most well-known facts is that it was one of the first gay neighborhoods in the United States. Starting in the 1960’s, it remains known for its LGBTQ activism today.

3 Cool Things About…The Inner Sunset!

The Inner Sunset is well known for its proximity to UCSF and Golden Gate Park.┬áIt’s served by the N-Judah muni, the city’s busiest light-rail line. Read on for three cool things you may not know about Inner Sunset…

3 Cool Things About… Ingleside Terraces!

Ingleside Terraces is one of the eight master-planned residence parks developed in San Francisco in the first half of the 1900’s. The residence parks of San Francisco were designed to offer a “country in the city” experience. Enjoy some neighborhood photos and two historical firsts that took place in the neighborhood.

3 Cool Things About… Twin Peaks!

Three cool things about an iconic San Francisco neighborhood – one’s literally quite cool, the other two may surprise you.

3 Cool Things About… Pacific Heights!

Pacific Heights, or Pac Heights, is a neighborhood in San Francisco most well known for fantastic views and its large and ornate homes. Here are three cool things about the neighborhood you may not know…

You Moved! Here’s Your Guide to Changing Your Address

Moving can be one a stressful life milestones and with it comes a to-do list a mile long. One of those major to-do list items is changing your address so that you don’t miss that wedding invite or bill.

A Closer Look at the Outer Sunset

Get to know the Outer Sunset, a neighborhood that’s a lot more than sand dunes and fog.

What Makes a Penthouse?

From the Grand Penthouse homes at 181 Fremont and The Avery to some still stunning but less grand properties, what makes a penthouse home in San Francisco?

The Buyer’s Estimated Settlement Statement

The Buyer’s Estimated Settlement Statement lists all of the costs and credits associated with the purchase of a home. In San Francisco, title insurance companies typically act as the escrow agent for a residential real estate purchase/sale, and the escrow officer prepares the statement with input from the buyer’s lender (if applicable). These documents are […]

The Shortest San Francisco Street (that’s useful*)

Where is the shortest San Francisco street? Balance St. in Jackson Square, Loma Vista Terrace in Buena Vista Heights, or Richter Ave. in the SF Bay?

Peskin Home Demolition Legislation

The Peskin Demolition Legislation aka “Protect & Preserve” will criminalize property maintenance.