4 Things You Might Not Know About PRIDE.

June 23, 2022

Pride Weekend here in SF starts NOW. Here are some things you might not know about Pride; great facts to chat about at all the Pride festivities you will be going to… Pride Month Started as a Riot Pride month started as a riot against police brutality at a small dive bar in New York […]

A Very Unofficial History Of Interior Design For San Francisco Victorian Homes

June 21, 2022

Another in our “Housing Styles of San Francisco” blog series. Listen to our podcast about exteriors with Dr. Color here. In our last blog, we spoke about why we love the Victorian style of homes, mainly for their look and curb appeal. But what about the interiors of these homes. Aren’t they equally as important?   […]

Who Pulled the Plug on EV Charging?

March 18, 2022

Electric vehicles are again in the zeitgeist, with gas prices skyrocketing and an increasing urgency to reduce CO2 emissions. And actually for sale. An opportunity to both have a new cool car and virtue signal “I am successful and care about the environment.” All of this is fine, except… In progressive planet-saving SF, no one […]

The Loma Prieta Earthquake – 30 Years of Safety and Progress

October 17, 2019

30 years ago the Loma Prieta quake struck during the World Series telecast. How has quake safety changed since then and what can you do to be ready?

3 Cool Things About… Russian Hill

September 27, 2019

Russian Hill is well known for the spectacular views from Ina Coolbrith Park, cool shops on Polk St., and the iconic cable cars. Here are two old and one new cool thing to know about Russian Hill

West Portal Playground

September 2, 2010

West Portal Playground is perched above the West Portal Muni stop, where the K, L, and M lines enter the underground system. It’s got some nice playstructures for younger kids (bigger than toddler), and also has a nice and (for San Francisco, relatively) level grass field which is great for soccer, frisbee, catch, or whatever […]