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Posted On: March 11, 2019
By: Matt Fuller

A conversation with Kevin Sawyers of Sawyers design podcast cover art
In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast we welcome back a guest who has been featured in publications such as Gentry Home and recognized for his talents with an award from the American Society of Interior Designers – Kevin Sawyers of Sawyers Design. (For past conversations with Kevin and his husband Pete see episodes 4142, and 43)

[00:57] To warm him up, we start off with a lightning round of questions. Our chat starts with the first home he bought, how he found his realtor and whether or not he continued using that same realtor over the years. Then we move on to San Francisco and his favorite buildings and places in the city.

[06:12] What about outdoor spaces? Kevin shares his favorite places in San Francisco and why he loves them.

[08:41] If Kevin could change one thing – one real estate law in San Francisco – what would that be? He believes the bigger picture should be considered when considering the aesthetics and making city planning decisions. People with relevant backgrounds should be more heavily involved in this sort of decision making, as opposed to it being dictated by public officials.

Kevin also explains how even remodeling a single family home requires a lot of patience and money.

[12:11] We switch focus to interior design and Kevin explains how his own firm, Sawyers Design, came to life. With years of experience behind him since his first project, ten years ago, how has the world of interior design and Kevin’s own process changed over the years?

[14:50] Because we love to share stories of the unexpected and the strange from our own world of real estate, we had to ask Kevin to share his own! We also had to know, what is “the psychology of interior design”?

[18:56] Texture or color?

[20:38] If you are thinking of hiring an interior designer, an important question Kevin recommends asking them is, how they manage time and money. It is also good to know how much you want to spend beforehand and give the designer a budget to work to. But how do we go about discussing budget?

[24:48] Finally Kevin leaves us with some closing thoughts on design. To see more of Sawyers Design, check out their recently updated website:

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