17 Pros & Cons of Living in San Francisco – A Local’s Guide

May 31, 2024

“San Francisco, I am broken, but you are the place I come to heal” From “I Am Harvey Milk” by Andrew Lippa and performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. San Francisco conjures up iconic images that ignite the imaginations and wanderlust. Beneath the Photoshop-perfect postcards lies a dense, complicated city with a unique […]

The Top 9 Tips to Know Before Selling a Home in San Francisco (SF)

April 11, 2024

What do recent headlines and news stories about NAR commission settlement mean for the sale of your home? Our NAR Commission Settlement White Paper is an easy to understand overview of what’s happened, what’s changing, and what isn’t.  Download it here.  Thinking of selling your San Francisco home? The market is almost always in your […]

What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know Now About the National Association of Realtors’ Settlement

March 22, 2024

What Just Happened? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has entered into a proposed settlement agreement about real estate commissions. The proposed settlement agreement has not been finalized, but if it is, it will be a settlement of commission-related lawsuits. There are nationwide implications to these class action lawsuits known by a variety of names. […]

An SF Native’s Guide on 12 Things to Know Before Moving to San Francisco

March 19, 2024

San Francisco, nicknamed “The City by the Bay,” pulsates with a unique charm and dynamic culture unlike any other. Steep hills, iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, and a vibrant mix of Victorian-era architecture and modern skyscrapers create a visually stunning backdrop to your daily life. Beyond the postcard image lies a diverse tapestry […]

Beyond the Headlines: A Look at the Nuances of San Francisco’s Real Estate Market

March 6, 2024

Recent headlines in San Francisco have painted a picture of a struggling city, with news of the Macy’s Union Square closure and the sale of the iconic 170 O’Farrell Street building adding fuel to the fire. While these closures are undeniably significant, it’s crucial to look beyond the surface and understand the complex factors influencing […]

Available Now! The “Realistic Guide To Buying A Home In San Francisco in 2024”

February 8, 2024

Let’s face it. 2023 was just a weird year in residential real estate. The Fed raised interest rates 11 times over the last two years, making potential mortgages and payments much more expensive. There continues to be a severe shortage of new housing being built. And it is very difficult to find available housing for […]

Luxury Homes in San Francisco: A Showcase of High-End Neighborhoods

January 10, 2024

Luxury Homes in San Francisco: A Showcase of High-End Neighborhoods  San Francisco’s real estate is a unique blend of luxury, history, and unparalleled views. The city’s iconic Victorian architecture, combined with its hilly terrain, creates a stunning landscape that has captured the hearts of many, including artists, tech moguls, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, the city’s proximity […]

An SF Local’s Guide to the 14 “Best” San Francisco Neighborhoods

December 12, 2023

More than almost any other city, San Francisco is truly a “City of Neighborhoods”. And no matter how you count or define them, the number of neighborhoods will vary depending on who you ask.  When living in or moving to San Francisco, choosing the right neighborhood is one of the most important decisions you will […]

Can I Sell My ADU? Exploring the Newly Enacted AB 1033 Law

November 8, 2023

What do you do with your ADU? Until AB 1033 and AB976, you didn’t owner occupy them! Because they were already occupied by tenants or your in-laws, grandparents, or extended family or friends. Until now, accessory dwelling unit – aka efficiency flat, in-law unit, granny flat, or just plain ole ADU – occupancy has so […]

The Paperwork Around Trees in San Francisco

November 3, 2023

San Francisco loves its trees. And while we don’t have traditional “fall foliage” like the East Coast or Midwest, we do have an incredibly beautiful variety of tree species that you are unlikely to find in very many other American cities. Our diverse canopy of trees is crucial to The City’s ecosystem; they help manage […]

Your Complete Guide to ADUs

October 17, 2023

Accessory dwelling units are one of the hottest items in California’s housing industry, inspiring a slew of companies to try their hand at designing and building them. So amid the hype, you may be asking yourself whether you should ride the cresting wave and put an ADU on your property too. Less than a decade […]

What are the Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco? An SF Native’s Guide

September 29, 2023

San Francisco has long been a popular place to live, frequently appearing on lists of the “Best Places to Live in California” and the “Best Places to Live” overall. It has also been named the happiest city in America, offering a carefree and laid-back lifestyle. Although San Francisco is only the 11th most populous city […]