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Victorian Style or Victorian Era?

Matt and Omar sit down to talk about something that is quintessentially San Francisco: Victorians! In our true, one-take no edit fashion we managed to meander down a few side alleys while discussing Victorian Style or Victorian Era? Victorian Style or Victorian Era? What if a building was built in the Victorian style after the […]

Do These Light Fixtures Look Familiar?

A few weeks back I wrote about the North End Police Station at 2475 Greenwich. It was the police station built for the Panama Pacific International Exposition that was eventually turned into a private residence. The building is considered to be an exceptional example of  Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture. One of the most notable items (to me, at […]

Victorian Architectural Styles: Let the Arguments Begin…

When I was learning about architectural styles in San Francisco, I was taught that there are three styles of Victorian homes: Eastlake, Italianate,and Queen Anne. I was also taught that homes are called Victorian based upon their construction date, and that to be a Victorian home it must have been built during the reign of […]