The View from the Ohana Floor of Salesforce Tower

Posted On: March 26, 2019
By: Matt Fuller

Whether you think of it as the Transbay neighborhood, Yerba Buena, or something else, the new towers that have risen in the area offer some impressive views. About a year ago I had the opportunity to tour the 61st floor of Salesforce Tower before it was completed. The views are pretty incredible in every direction. Since the building has been completed, the floor has been renamed the Ohana floor.

Many of the larger Salesforce buildings across the globe have Ohana floors that are available to community benefit and non-profit groups for meetings or public events. While SF is amongst the first to have an Ohana floor, others are available or are in the works for London, New York, and Indianapolis.

My favorite view from the Ohana floor of Salesforce Tower was probably looking to the north over Downtown and down at the Bank of America building and TransAmerica Tower. From one icon to another, as far as the eye could see including Coit Tower and Alcatraz in the distance.

Salesforce Tower has been a controversial addition to the SF skyline (every new building is), and I appreciate it’s presence in the neighborhood. While not as angular of flashy as nearby projects as 181 Fremont or The Avery, it’s massive mass alone is it’s defining feature and I think that SF will eventually come to at least begrudgingly respect, if not love, the addition of Salesforce Tower to the skyline.

Either way, find a reason to get yourself up to the 61st Ohana floor of Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. The views are impressive in every direction!

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