The Beef Isn’t Here: Vegetarian & Vegan in San Francisco

Posted On: December 5, 2017
By: Matt Fuller
A Few Great Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco

A Few Great Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco

With farmers’ markets found all throughout San Francisco and plenty of vegetables offering options for local flavors, restaurants have caught on and started to become very creative with meat-free dishes. Here’s a look at some of the top choices for vegetarians to enjoy throughout San Francisco.

Cha-Ya – Mission Dolores

Vegans and vegetarians often complain because restaurants only offer a handful of options fitting their diet. Usually, these options include something as a substitute for the meat and it’s usually a poor substitute, at best.

However, Cha-Ya provides some of the best Japanese cuisine for both vegans and vegetarians. They don’t try to replace meat with poor substitutes. Instead, they offer 40 original menu items that all fit within this type of lifestyle. None of these dishes feel like they need meat to make them whole, either.

Choose from dishes such as stuffed eggplant, taki-sui, curry udon or even the tofu and mushrooms. They also offer a large selection of sushi with rolls fitting both vegan and vegetarian diets.

And because this is a real estate blog, after all, we’ll let you know that if new construction condos appeal to you as much as vegan sushi, check out M-1875 Mission. Completed in 2015, M-1875 Mission is a hip boutique building just a couple of blocks away.

Udupi Palace – Mission

If you prefer something spicy and a larger portion, Udupi Palace is the right place for you. This is an Indian restaurant with some of the best vegetarian dishes in the entire city. The rice-lentil crepes and the masala-spiced potatoes are some of the best you will find. They also offer spicy curry dishes and even some very good sweet drinks.

And just think…if you were lucky enough to snap up a condo at Vida (455 Bartlett St.) when it was completed a couple of years ago, you could take a leisurely stroll from Udupi Palace and be home in about 10 minutes.

Greens – Fort Mason

A farm-to-table spot with plenty of options, Greens offers an elevated, elegant vegetarian menu with seasonal produce and inventive flavors. For almost 40 years, Greens has raised the bar for vegetarian restaurants. This is a great spot for a date, too, as it’s a waterfront dining option with dishes that will please anybody.

Enjoy one of the many unique dishes, while the Golden Gate Bridge acts as the backdrop for your dinner. Make sure to book a reservation here for dinner. They also offer brunch with some of the best spiced carrot-cake pancakes you will find.

If you’re a fan of both old and new SF, we’d love to tell you about a building that’s coming through the construction pipeline near Greens — 1598 Bay. Just a third of a mile away, 1598 Bay will launch in 2018 with only 28 homes.

Gracias Madre – Mission

A Mexican spot with plenty of great options for vegetarians and vegans, Gracias Madre offers all types of options. Many of the dishes are considered “street food” but some fall into a more traditional Mexican cuisine category. Enjoy the Antojitos, Nopales or one of the many other unique dishes filled with flavor here.

A trip to Gracias Madre puts you within easy walking distance of Vida and also V20, a luxury condo building completed in 2015 at the corner of 20th & Valencia.

Living in San Francisco means you gain access to plenty of unique restaurants. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can please your palate with creative cuisines from around the world. These are just a few of the top options you should try.

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