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Posted On: February 22, 2019
By: Matt Fuller

Tammy Sorrento, founder of Fireball Approves Investigation Agency joins us for a conversation about scams in the real estate industry and what her experience was that led her to start a company dedicated to stopping scams.

We discuss what consumers can do to protect themselves from scams, and some of the tools that are out there for consumers other than her company.

A few of my favorite moments from the podcast:

  • Around the 11 minute mark where we talk about what criminals can make from online scams compared to bank robbers.
  • At about 17 minutes where Tammy talks about a company called cluck that she has partnered with.

Show Notes:
[00:21] Fireball Approves is a company that helps protect people from getting scammed. Tammy explains how she developed the company because she wished she had access to this type of service when searching for a short-term vacation rental online.

[07:21] Does California have public records readily available for people to access? Tammy also poses an interesting question: say your home has been fraudulently rented out while you were away, how hard is it to get it sorted out?

[11:11] Online scams are not only fairly low risk crimes with a high payout for the scammers and they are so rarely reported.

[14:56] If you are a potentially looking at renting property, Tammy recommends you do your due diligence. What does this mean? She shares a few helpful tips with us and shares what she does to help.

P.S. Tammy is also writing a blog on what people can do on their own and when to contact her on for assistance, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

[17:16] A cool service Tammy has partnered with is a free Chrome extension called Cluck. What is Cluck and how is it different to others services like it on the market?

[21:18] The price of the rental ad verification is only $19 and Fireball also offers a listing of Fireball approved vacation rentals free to renters. How can owners of properties become gold, silver or bronze members on the approved rentals list?

[23:45] Why the name, Fireball Approves? While the rental market is the focus now, in the future Tammy plans to expand to other services including virtual job scams, for example.

[27:24] To find out more about her services find Tammy on the website or any social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Also, don’t forget to share this information with others as she relies on word of mouth to get the word out.

Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this episode leave us a review on your favorite platform, tell your friends and don’t forget to join us again next week!

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