Muni Wins Something!

Posted On: January 17, 2019
By: Matt Fuller

What Form of Transit Gets The Most Mentions in San Francisco MLS Listings?


We looked back at the marketing remarks in the San Francisco MLS for 2015-2018 to find out. Of the 26,731 listings we searched through, 29% of them mentioned BART, Muni, or Caltrain in the marketing remarks.


Muni mentions came in at the top — about 53% — while BART was the second most mentioned service at 34%, and Caltrain brought up the caboose with about 14% of listings mentioning it.


While it’s easy to say this means everyone loves Muni, I think that given Muni’s more extensive route network through more neighborhoods in the city, it would have the most mentions. Caltrain has the fewest stops in the city, so geographically speaking, there are just fewer listings that would mention proximity to it. BART, with more stops than Caltrain but far fewer than Muni, comes in 2nd, which makes sense as well.


My question: How does our mention of public transit in marketing remarks (29%) compare with other cities and suburbs?


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