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    Modern Marketing Mojo

    Once upon a time, selling your home was simple: you listed it in the multiple listing service (MLS). While the MLS is still mighty, multi-channel marketing in a mobile-first world means more than just hiring someone to list your home in the MLS and wait. We don’t wait, we get the word out.

    One size never fits all, so we match the tried-and-true with the cutting-edge and produce a personalized marketing strategy for your home. A few of the strategies we’ll discuss include:

    • Professional photography and video
    • Virtual-tour creation
    • Listing in the MLS
    • Presentation to other real estate brokerages
    • Traditional signage
    • Open homes
    • Print marketing collateral
    • Mailings
    • Social media
    • Targeted online and print marketing powered by predictive analytics, big-data and buyer lifestyle data

    Let's Work Together

    When people ask us if we’ve seen a property or know a neighborhood, the answer is nearly always a resounding YES, because we live, breathe, and eat real estate in San Francisco.

    We understand that San Francisco is not an easy market, regardless of the direction it is moving. Because we’ve been through the cycles and know the City, we understand how to use market dynamics to our seller’s advantage. We know not just what’s on sale today, but what’s coming and which developments will affect your property values. That enables us to position your property against neighborhood competitors at the right price and the right time — even if the market is super-heated or headed into a swoon.

    We strive to go beyond the standard client/agent relationship; our clients become our friends and neighbors. We don’t just care about getting a transaction done and moving on, never to be heard from again. From monitoring the market to answering questions as they arise, we’re there. Always.

    We are expert negotiators. We understand which levers to pull to make a deal happen in San Francisco. In a room full of sweet offers, we can advise you how to make it sweeter. Yet we’re more than sharks; we won’t compromise our principles, or our client’s financial health, to make a deal.

    Speed and who you know matter.

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