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Lofts built in the 1990s and 2000s followed the conversion loft craze of the late 1980s and early 1990s. And where conversion lofts often feature hundred-year-old brick facades and walls, structural steel components, and unique floor plans, the more modern lofts of the turn of this century are usually quite standard: an open kitchen, living room, and dining area on the main floor, and a loft-style bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor.

Tri-level lofts usually feature another bedroom and bathroom on the level below the main floor. When this lower floor is at street level, there’s usually direct access from the sidewalk into the loft, making it ideal for a business that sees clients or customers on a regular basis.

Loft homes in San Francisco are typically found in the eastern half of San Francisco, particularly in the South of Market, Inner Mission, and Dogpatch neighborhoods. Loft buildings often have a live/work deed restriction that requires owner/occupants to have a business license of some sort from the City of SF. While the deed restrictions remain, we are not aware of any active enforcement of this requirement, now or ever. If you are considering buying a live/work loft, please do your research.

Loft-style construction continued until roughly the mid-2000s, when the city again made substantial changes to the live/work building code.


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