The Hub at Market

Proving everything old is new again, “the hub” was once a¬†bustling, high-density, transit-packed neighborhood, and plans call for the creation of another high-density urban core in this triangular-ish area that runs adjacent to Market St. from where Octavia intersects Market on the east side to where Polk, Larkin and Hayes intersect with Market St. on the west side.

Transit at Market & Van Ness
Map of The Hub Area
Van Ness - Mission St- Market St

The Hub Neighborhood Vibe

Busy, bustling, and perhaps as close to Manhattan as our sleepy town shall ever get?¬† Planned buildings will be high-density high-rises designed to take advantage of the area’s central location and existing transit service connections. Mixed-use buildings envision ground-floor retail spaces above rental apartments and condo homes, mixing in with the existing historic mid-market area and smaller unit and mixed-use buildings that exist in the neighborhood today.


Popular The Hub Home Styles

High-density high rise in a historic urban core.


Getting Around in The Hub

Right now you’ll need to bring your time machine, since none of the developments have been developed. When they arrive, though, don’t bring your car! While parking will be available in the buildings, the city is minimizing parking and maximizing walkability, transit, and “alternative” transit methods. Who wants a scooter?


Future Buildings in the Pipeline


More About The Hub

This central area was once where numerous transit lines intersected, a hustling and bustling part of the city. Then the automobile landed a solid punch to transit lines, and what the automobile couldn’t destroy, urban flight finished.


Everything old is new again, and city planners are hard at work upzoning and approving high-density tower projects that take advantage of transit. No automobile necessary.