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Edwardian Style Homes for Sale in San Francisco

Edwardian homes were built during the reign of King Edward VII, who lived for a much shorter period of time than Queen Victoria and was apparently far less interesting. Edwardian homes are known for their restrained and generally more symmetrical facades than their Victorian predecessors.

If Victorians were the party, Edwardians are the hang-over, a cycle of exuberance and restraint that repeats itself throughout the history of residential architecture. King Edward VII died in 1910, offering only a 9-year window of construction for the Edwardian era.

You’ll find Edwardians in the neighborhoods being built and imagined as the city rebuilt after the great quake of 1906. The Inner Sunset, Inner Richmond, Noe Valley, Glen Park, Bernal Heights and Cole Valley are all neighborhoods where you can find excellent examples of homes from the Edwardian era and style.

Because the Great Earthquake of 1906 destroyed many original city building records during the Edwardian era, it is not always 100% clear what was built, re-built, or re-built on paper during this period. In other words, is that a rebuilt Victorian or an Edwardian?

Here in San Francisco, the Spring Valley Water Company has a set of original water connection records that did survive the fires of 1906 and indicate when water service began at many homes (a good indicator that construction had just been completed).

We hope you’ll enjoy this curated collection of homes in the Edwardian style.