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Jackson brings loyalty, fun, enhanced search capabilities, and a bright, shiny loveable personality to real estate. Not to mention her great listening skills and obedient personality. San Francisco real estate, whether you are a buyer or seller, can often feel like an overwhelming and confusing process. Jackson is here to help make your San Francisco real estate experience fun, productive and the experience of a lifetime. In a good way. Jackson is:

A Loyal Companion
Jackson is in it for the long haul, loyal to a fault and always happy and excited to be out and about with you. Our risk management team suggested we say Jackson takes his fiduciary duty with the utmost of seriousness, but we think we’ll just say it’s a well known fact that you can’t find a more loyal friend than a dog.

A Playful Park Date
Life can be stressful, and Jackson is always ready to help you find your happy place and get rid of whatever is stressing you out. Life is always better when you’ve got a friend to sit with in the park and contemplate the relative value of a split bath to a full bath in Russian Hill Victorians,  flowers, clouds, and squirrels. Definitely squirrels.

A Wicked Good Searcher
No matter what you might be wanting to find, Jackson has serious search skills.  Seriously. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for that ball you just tossed for Jackson to fetch or a three-bedroom Edwardian with a view of Twin Peaks and bedrooms that face south. Jackson has a nose for helping you find things like that.

An Ever Vigilant Protector
Finding what might be the perfect home is just the beginning. Jackson treats yours as hers, and regularly takes continuing education classes so she is always ready to protect you from unannounced delivery drivers, hopelessly dilapidated money pits, leaky roofs, and shady things that aren’t trees.

A Good Listener & Obedient Resource
Your command is Jackson’s delight. Are you looking for a great spot to raise a family, a home a little off the beaten path, or perhaps a great patch of grass in which to bury your favorite toy? Jackson listens and obeys, so when you send her off for a mid-century modern with views of Mt. Diablo you know she won’t come back with a Dolger in Daly City or a squirrel. Any rumor you’ve heard that she once returned with a squirrel is just… a rumor!

A Serious Foodie
There are food motivated animals and there is Jackson. If you think you like farmer’s markets, leftovers, and meaty bones, just wait until you dine with Jackson.

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