Westwood Highlands

Stately single-family homes with views to the southwest at the base of Mt. Davidson define this West of Twin Peaks classic. Like its adjacent neighbors, it assumes you’ve got a car to get you to and from some jaw-dropping views.

Hillside Homes With Views That Go On Forever
Facing South to San Bruno Mountains
Charming and Unusual Architecture

Westwood Highlands Neighborhood Vibe

A residential neighborhood from beginning to end and at all points in between, with not a drop of commercial or a hint of mixed-use to be found. Like many other West of Twin Peaks neighborhoods, it was originally designed for middle-class commuters enchanted with the “recently” opened West Portal Muni station.


Popular Westwood Highlands Home Styles

Originally designed for the “middle-class” market in the 1920s by Charles Strothoff and built by Hans Nelson, Westwood Highlands was known for its efficient and economical design. There are about 300 homes in the neighborhood, and they were all built as single-family homes.


Getting Around in Westwood Highlands

Like most other West of Twin Peaks neighborhoods, the neighborhood was built with the assumption you’d be parking at least one car in the lovely garage that is attached to your fully detached home.


Neighborhood Homes for Sale

Single-Family Home
$1,699,888 | 4, 3
MLS# 485764
Honor SF's romantic past while crafting your shining future with this impeccable 2 story, 4 BR/3 BA home perched in a incomparable location on the border between the coveted enclaves of Sherwood Forest & Westwood Highlands. Not only is this...
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