Is It Safe?

What is ‘it’?…

Your safe isn’t our safe. And our ‘it’ probably isn’t your ‘it.’ Our experience suggests people prioritize and define safety and risk differently at different stages of their life.

Evaluate your Situation

Here are some ways to think about this:

What risks most concern you?

Earthquake, landslide, radioactivity, asbestos, radon, construction defect, crazy-loud neighbors, theft, assault, petty crime, homeless “quality of life” issues… and the list goes on. Our point here isn’t to freak you. It’s to remind you that your list isn’t everyone’s list, so thinking about this topic is helpful.

What’s your life stage and status?

Single, married, male, female, of child-bearing age and interest, pregnant, post-or-never-children, pet-guardian, frequent-traveler, late-night commuter, comfortable walking down streets by yourself at night or prefer to always be around people?

Not every neighborhood has the same appeal – and may offer a different experience based on your demographic and time of day.

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