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Real Estate Guide to Buying a Home in San Francisco - 2024 Edition

Navigate the San Francisco 2024 Housing Market with Ease: A Detailed Guide Covering Key Trends, Neighborhood Insights, and Smart Buying Strategies

Discover insider tips and expert advice on buying property in one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets. Our detailed 2024 guide is designed to help you make informed decisions in the competitive San Francisco housing landscape.

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    What You'll Learn

    From understanding market dynamics to securing the right mortgage, our guide covers it all! Including:

    • What do the various real estate titles mean?
    • Tips for coming up with your must-haves and like-to-have lists
    • What’s a disclosure package and what should I expect when reading one?
    • Are sellers required to have home inspections? Are buyers?
    • If I am a condo buyer, what are HOA docs and why should I care?
    • What contract will I be making a purchase offer on? Does it vary?
    • What are typical terms and contingencies in SF purchase offers?
    • What are sellers required to disclose?
    • How do appraisals work? Do I have to do anything as the buyer? What if it doesn’t appraise?
    • What’s the estimated settlement statement and closing disclosure?
    • What’s a note or deed of trust?

    About The Author

    Meet Matt Fuller
    Meet Your San Francisco Real Estate Guide: Matt Fuller, a seasoned real estate expert with over two decades of experience in the San Francisco market. Matt Fuller is a recognized thought leader, white paper author, and media consultant for the real estate industry. He has served as the President of the San Francisco Association of Realtors and the Director for the California Association of Realtors. He is a member of the Top Agent Network, San Francisco’s premier community for the top ten percent of local real estate agents. He's received numerous industry certifications including Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), Graduate of REALTOR Institute (GRI), and National Association of REALTOR (NAR) Fair Housing.
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