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Once again: yay, you’re in contract! If you’re financing your purchase, a lot of the action at this point happens with your lender, starting immediately after your offer is accepted. In our fast-paced market, it’s likely that your mortgage broker got quite a bit of the work on your file done before you even wrote your offer. Now that you’re in escrow, the mortgage broker will order your appraisal and complete what we’ve heard described as (cover the eyes of any small children, please) the “financial proctology” of getting a loan. You’ll probably roll your eyes at least once when the mortgage folks ask you to explain something in your financial paperwork, but you’ll get through it, we promise.


During this phase of the process you’ll also select your homeowner’s insurance policy. Your lender will give you specifics about coverage amounts, and your Jackson Fuller agent can recommend some excellent insurance agents.


If you’re paying cash, you’ll have a quicker escrow — with much less eye-rolling.


When you’ve gotten your loan approval, the finish line is in sight!




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    Three Things That Might Answer “Why Us?” For You

    Decades Of San Francisco Experience

    We’re endlessly fascinated by the people, history, and developments in our city — we can’t imagine living anywhere else. We’ve been full-time Realtors in San Francisco since 2000 and 2001 and our story together begins in 2003 when we founded the Jackson Fuller Team, now a boutique San Francisco brokerage.


    Masters At Making Market Dynamics Our Client’s Advantage

    San Francisco is not an easy market, regardless of the direction the market is moving. Because we’ve been through the cycles and know the City, we understand how to respond to market dynamics. When you work with us, we won’t helplessly report back with a shrug that it’s the market’s fault.


    We Care About You

    If you want us to get a deal done, we’ll get a deal done. If you want to push pause, that’s your prerogative at any time. Your search might last five years and 36 neighborhoods while you sample jobs in three different industries. Or maybe it lasts an hour and involves one address. See item one just above: decades of experience prove we aren’t in this for the quick deal, but the lasting relationship. How about you?

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