To the 1980’s and Beyond!
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When it was built matters for a variety of reasons. In San Francisco, year of construction affects how the building is subject to rent control as well as the types of rent-control it is subject to. In addition, California made major changes to Seismic building codes in the late 1970s that began showing up in buildings constructed roughly from 1980 and on.

So while location, location, location is the catchy phrase we all know, year of construction, year of construction, year of construction may matter just as much depending on what you’re looking for in your next home.

To help you focus your search on homes that were built in 1980 or newer, here’s a list of condo buildings that were completed around 198o or newer. Year of construction, while it seems obvious can vary – is it first move-in, temporary certificate of final occupancy, the final certificate of occupancy, or? Like everything else in real estate, our statistics are based on human input, which means there will be variations.

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