Where in the World is Cathedral Hill?

Posted On: February 11, 2011
By: ffdadmin

Cathedral Hill is one of those San Francisco neighborhoods that exists even though it isn’t found on a SFAR real estate map (unless you happen to draw it in yourself, which you shouldn’t have to do since I’ve done it for you). So let’s take a quick moment and get ourselves oriented.

Cathedral Hill, San Francisco

The Cathedral Hill area is centered, approximately, at the intersection of Gough and Geary streets in San Francisco. Within a stones throw are numerous churches which give the neighborhood it’s name. And yes, it is at the top of a hill. St. Mary’s Cathedral (known to some as St. Maytag, Our Lady of Perpetual Agitation due to its unique shape). There is also the First Unitarian Universalist Church, St. Mark’s Lutheran church, First United Lutheran church and several others within a very short walk.

The neighborhood is bounded to the north by Post St., Van Ness to the east, Eddy St. to the south and Laguna St. to the west. On a real estate boundary map, Cathedral Hill is split between three MLS subdistricts. A part of it falls into the Western Addition (6d), part of it falls into the Civic Center/Van Ness (8F), and a sliver of it falls into Lower Pacific Heights (6c). Usually neighborhoods aren’t split between so many subdistricts in San Francisco, so why the board of realtors drew their map the way they did is a little bit of a puzzle to me.

It’s a fairly small area, and the homes in the area are almost exclusively in high rise buildings. It is also an area that is home primarily to an older demographic, which the chart below does a very good job of showing.

Cathedral Hill skews Elderly (2008 data), source: City Data

There is a neighborhood association with a websites not appear to have been updated since 2008, although I understand that they are active and working on organizing neighborhood response to a proposed hospital in the neighborhood, at the site of the old Cathedral Hill hotel.

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