Vote 2012

Posted On: November 6, 2012
By: ffdadmin

Today is Tuesday. Which is always broker’s tour day, but every couple of years becomes something much more important: Election Day. 

It’s cool to disagree about who to vote for, or what ballot propositions to support, or what state initiatives to support. Civil disagreement is the cornerstone of our American democracy. It isn’t perfect, but look around the globe and you’ll see it’s pretty damn amazing. Regardless of our frustrations with voting, campaign funding, and all of the imperfections that are a part of a democracy, the vote is an incredibly powerful and important tool that belongs to every citizen.

But your vote only counts when you use it. Sitting on the sidelines as a “protest” vote is lame and un-excusable.

Find your polling location and go vote. Polls open at 7am in San Francisco and remain open until 8pm.

I know you’re a very busy and important person. We all are. And we all have to find time to vote. It’s just that simple.