Things You Don’t Paint…

Posted On: June 12, 2012
By: ffdadmin

It wasn’t planned, but this week I seem to be on a painting theme. Yesterday we started a week off with a look at the evil known as calcimine. Today we are going to hop into the modern era with a cautionary tale about things you should never ever ever paint!

Fire sprinklers should never ever be painted

Sprinkler Heads are not made for painting

If the picture didn’t give it away – here’s the tip: Never, ever, ever — no matter how ugly you might think they are or how tempting it might sound — paint fire sprinkler heads!

While this might seem obvious, from time to time people decide to either paint their fire sprinkler heads, use them as coat hooks, or otherwise try to take a safety feature and turn it into a decorative item. Fire sprinkler heads don’t work well – or at all – when they have been covered in paint, even if it is just latex based paint. Have you ever dealt with a window that has been painted shut?

Same principle here, but the consequences can be far more dangerous/deadly/destructive/damaging.

Modern condos buildings offer plenty of “life-safety” systems like fire sprinklers, but they only work if they are well taken care of and not, um, abused and painted shut!

I know we’ve got plenty of readers out there that live in large condo buildings. What crazy things have you seen in your building? No need to name names or name buildings, but I’d love to hear what crazy/wacky/you’d-never-guess experiences you’ve had while living in your condo?

As for me, I’m out the door for Tuesday broker’s tour. It’s a HOT (you know, the 70’s) day here in San Francisco, so keep me in your thoughts. I’ve packed plenty of water, hopefully I won’t dehydrate or otherwise end up a victim of this warm – I mean hot – weather.