The Secret Community Garden in Diamond Heights

Posted On: January 19, 2012
By: ffdadmin

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It’s not exactly a secret in the sense that you aren’t supposed to know about it, but it is secret in the sense that you probably don’t know it exists… What am I talking about?

I’m talking about a lush little plot of land, tucked away next to a Policy Academy, across the street from a large condominium complex, and at the entrance to a “sub-division” of single family homes known for their mid-century architecture and views of Glen Park Canyon

The Little Red Hen Community Garden in the Diamond Heights neighborhood opened on Mother’s Day of 2011. Later in the year they got their snazzy new sign, and in December of last year the Police Department threw a little party to help them celebrate.

Located on San Francisco police academy land, the community garden is immediately to the east of Amber Drive, just to the south of Duncan (to keep things confusing, Amber and Duncan intersect each other twice. The garden is located at the southern-most intersection of the two streets – closer to the Safeway shopping center than to Portola.

Diamond Heights has a deserved reputation for fog and blustery weather, so I was happily surprised to stumble across the Little Red Hen after previewing a classic mid-century home for sale in the Diamond Heights neighborhood. The Glen Park Association has a great write up about the project, and I’d also encourage you to visit the garden’s website to learn more about opportunities to garden in Diamond Heights.

According to the Glen Park Association website, the garden has been incredibly popular and there is currently a waiting list for garden plots. The site used to be overgrown and under-utilized, so it is really exciting to see what the efforts of some committed neighbors and neighborhood enthusiasts can make happen!