Property Statement and MLS Printout Disclosure – SF Real Estate

Posted On: August 28, 2015
By: ffdadmin

The property statement and MLS printout are typically included in a complete San Francisco disclosure package.

// This post is a part of our series: Your Guide to a San Francisco Disclosure Package. //

The property statement and MLS printout are *property specific* disclosures about how the property is being marketed in print and in the MLS.

mls printout

propstatement Information contained in the marketing may be different from the information available from other sources, including public tax records, the building and planning department, and any other city or county agencies.

As a buyer, you should be aware of and comfortable with any differences between marketing and public records. There is no city definition of what a bedroom is, so different agents may market different rooms in different ways, for example.

Public tax records are often also contained in a disclosure package, so it can be fairly easy to compare the two documents when reviewing a disclosure package in San Francisco.

The discrepancies between public records and property marketing can be important points of investigation for a buyer. Even if the property statement and MLS statement aren’t contained in the disclosure package, it is never a bad practice to compare the property marketing documents you’ve received with public data sources.

As always, this series about what’s in a San Francisco disclosure package isn’t intended to be legal advice. Your situation and circumstances may vary. Don’t take advice from strangers on the internet. You should at least meet us first.