Playgrounds of San Francisco: Panhandle Playground

Posted On: July 19, 2010
By: ffdadmin

Yesterday, after my open house my family went on a bike ride to one of the many great playgrounds in San Francisco.

To be honest, given the bad rap that SF has for raising kids, I’ve always been a bit surprised at how good the playgrounds are. In addition, because most of us in SF live in smaller houses – with smaller yards – than our friends out in the burbs, the playgrounds are usually a pretty happening place.

This particular playground is in the panhandle of Golden Gate park, and while the play structure has a plaque with some official sounding name on it, most folks just refer to it as the Panhandle Playground. It has swings (both the seated infant and regular kind), a great tire swing, 3 small slides, 1 corkscrew slide, and a few other balance and climbing structures. It is probably best for the 3-5 set, with 5-7 year olds being a little underwhelmed with the activities (other than the tire swing, which can be fun and dangerous at any age!).

Below are a few photos:

And here is the location:

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