Pacific Heights

Posted On: January 7, 2010
By: ffdadmin

For many people Pacific Heights is the quintessential San Francisco neighborhood. Featuring block after block of large scale, architecturally-significant mansions and stately Victorian homes, (some of which have city or bay views to die for), this neighborhood is truly a noteworthy and unique San Francisco destination. While most people think of single-family homes when they think of Pacific Heights, there are also plenty of condominiums, tenancies-in-common, and stock cooperatives sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. Pacific Heights is also a global neighborhood, with many consulates located in the neighborhood, and plenty more diplomats and international heavyweights (and a few politicians as well for good measure) choosing to make their San Francisco home in the ‘hood.

If you do decide to make this amazing neighborhood your home, you can count several well-known architectural masterpieces as your neighbors including the Spreckles Mansion and Flood Mansions and the Haas Lillienthal House. Any good history of San Francisco will include plenty about the neighborhood, and a casual stroll can easily take you past many a building with a long and colorful history from a time when San Francisco was just getting started. Breathtaking views complement the stunning homes.

Neighborhood businesses are upscale – as one would expect – with many designer clothing boutiques, independent bookstores, wine and spirit shops, and cafes serving the area. A night out could easily find you dining at one of the many delicious and acclaimed restaurants along Fillmore street or catching the latest documentary or foreign must-see at one of two independent movie theaters.
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Planning on sharing your home with a dog, or a kid (or both)? Both Alta Plaza or Lafayette Park are a great spot to catch up with the neighbors while getting some outdoor time.

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