Narrow Streets and Neighborly Behavior

Posted On: May 16, 2012
By: ffdadmin

Narrow Streets and an Unhappy Neighbor

It’s no secret that San Francisco houses are old. Many of our neighborhoods were designed and built either before cars were invented, or when cars were still pint-sized novelties.

Bernal Heights, for example, is a neighborhood that is notorious for narrow streets. While some neighborhoods were built when cars were king – Midtown Terrace comes to mind – most weren’t. Which leads to all sorts of problems. And the problems generally fall into two categories: near misses with other cars while driving and sideswipes or other damage to parked cards.

While out on broker’s tour yesterday, my trusty sidekick and I drove past the vehicle featured in this blog post. As you can see, someone’s got a car that has been side-swiped on a narrow street in a San Francisco neighborhood that shall remain nameless (it’s not one of the neighborhoods I’ve mentioned so far). And apparently, this persons car hasn’t been hit once, but a total of four times! Cynical readers may wonder if it has to do with narrow streets or their bumper sticker, but despite what you might hear on the news San Franciscans are a pretty darn tolerant lot – even of Republicans. I even have an openly Republican colleague, and we’re still totally cool.

Someone would like a note. And a new mirror.

So here’s our public service announcement for the week: Drive carefully in San Francisco neighborhoods, especially when there are narrow streets and the visibility is limited. While it sucks that this person’s car has been hit four times children, furry animals, and beloved pets have also been spotted roaming the streets of San Francisco and it would be far more tragic if you were to hit one of them.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a rhetorical question

And if you don’t take our advice, or if you do take our advice and something bad still happens, then be a good neighbor and do the right thing: take ownership of your mistake. While I can’t speak for this car owner, the fact that someone just went about their day and drove along as if nothing happened seems almost more obnoxious than the damage itself.

Even if the owner isn’t home or doesn’t see it I’m pretty sure that karma can see what you’re up to – even on the hilly and narrow streets of San Francisco!