Lower Pacific Heights Photo Walk

Posted On: February 24, 2016
By: ffdadmin

Yesterday I had the chance to walk a bit of Lower Pacific Heights/Cathedral Hill/Van Ness-Civic Center neighborhood (your name and boundaries may vary) and observe some of the new construction that is coming along quite nicely. The picture below does a great job of capturing just how much change is coming to this area. The photo is of Franklin street looking south, taken from just north of Pine.

In the foreground is The Rockwell, more specifically the west tower of The Rockwell where new residents will begin moving in later this year. Next to that is one tower of San Francisco Towers, a retirement community, then 1450 Franklin where sales are expected later this Spring, followed by 1388 Sutter an existing office building, with the new CPMC hospital being the final set of steel building framing you see in the distance.

From left to right: Rockwell (new), Towers at Pine (existing), 1450 Franklin (new), 1380 Sutter (existing), CPMC Hospital (new)

From left to right: Rockwell (new), Towers at Pine (existing), 1450 Franklin (new), 1388 Sutter (existing), CPMC Hospital (new)

It’s an unexpectedly diverse and interesting part of San Francisco. You’ll find single family Victorians clustered together, next to a tire repair shop across from a retirement home nestled between two new condo developments that are 1/2 block away from an ornate church constructed in 1892. I hope you enjoy the photo walk:

I hope you enjoy the neighborhood photo walk, and look forward to hearing your comments either here on the blog or on our Facebook page or twitter stream.