Laguna Honda Reservoir

Posted On: November 29, 2011
By: ffdadmin

I was jogging past the Laguna Honda Reservoir this morning when I thought to myself – what is that, why does it have so many fences, and isn’t that pretty… in no particular order of importance.

So I snapped a few pictures and got on with my morning run. When I arrived back at my desk and dug into my work for the day, what I thought would be a quick blog post has evolved into something much more.

Above are a few pictures that I took this morning, as well as one historical photo (credit: San Francisco history center, SF Public Library).

It turns out that the Laguna Honda Reservoir has been around since the beginning of San Francisco. It was once owned by the Spring Valley Water Works, and in addition to being fed by natural creeks it was also supplied with water via a redwood pipeline from Pilarcitos Canyon in San Mateo until the pipeline was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake (according to Wikipedia).

These days it is owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), which is the entity responsible for delivering water to homes and taking sewage away from homes.

It appears there are currently some plans by the SFPUC to develop parts of the site, and the Friends of Laguna Honda Reservoir have a website and facebook page with information of interest to neighborhood residents and/or concerned citizens.

I haven’t been able to verify it, but I believe the reservoir still provides drinking water to San Franisco homes (the copious quantity of No Trespassing signs on the property certainly reinforce that belief).

It’s a tranquil spot to run, bike, or drive by, but the fencing and limited access don’t really make it much of a destination site. Either way, it is a wonderful hidden gem and an interesting part of San Francisco’s history.

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