Who we Are

Posted On: August 14, 2018
By: Matt Fuller

Corporations are people, so they need names. You’ve known us by the name Jackson Fuller for years and years, but our corporate name is a little different from that. Like everything in real estate, there’s a story behind it. While our DBAs are slowly digested by the bureaucracy, we’ve got a moment to tell that story!

In Escrow Out Loud, our podcast, we begin at the beginning with the story of the first buyers represented by Britton Jackson. Our corporate name also begins at the beginning. That said, if you mumble to yourself “but still why not just use their names, seems kinda shady” we get it.

Our beginnings were also inspired by Bill Drypolcher, the surviving founder of San Francisco’s largest brokerage, Zephyr Real Estate, where we both started our real estate careers. Bill D. has a ton of awesome aphorisms that capture the quirky human spirit that is real estate. “It is what it is” remains a classic, so let us tell you what our corporate name is.

Alabama Naples, Inc.

It is a tip of the hat and friendly wink to the first two properties we sold in San Francisco — Britton’s first sale was on Alabama Street and Matt’s was on Naples Street.

It is also a hope for some shred of privacy. It might sound silly or illogical, but in an age of everything being so easily accessible, for some reason the extra effort involved in a few more clicks to track us down seemed like a nice insurance policy to weed out a few trolls when we setup the initial paperwork.

It is what allows a family friendship that goes back beyond decades and a personal friendship that extends into decades to operate as a legal entity. It allows us to financially recognize the contributions of those who have brought us this far, and to continue to incentivize those who will help take us to places beyond what we’ve imagined.

Alabama Naples, Inc., is what it is, which is what makes our vision for Jackson Fuller Real Estate possible. And we can’t wait to hear the redneck jokes you’ll come up with.

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