Hello, Golden Gate Park Community Garden!

Posted On: January 9, 2013
By: ffdadmin

I promise to get back to 2012 market stats very soon, but first I wanted to post an update about the on-going drama at the recycling center in the Inner Sunset neighborhood known as HANC. I’ve written about the site before, and the efforts made by the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council to keep the recycling center, and why I disagree with those feelings. In true San Francisco fashion, the whole saga has finally come to a close, with the recycling center being evicted over the holidays.

With the closure of the recycling center finally complete, the SF Rec and Park department is finally moving ahead with plans to convert the industrial spot into something that belongs in a park, namely a true community garden.

photo 1

The project can be found on the SF Rec and Park website as the Golden Gate Park Community Garden, and according to the project website, the community garden will start with 40 gardening plots, although the site could eventually support as many as 120 garden plots. In addition, there will be a gardening-tool lending library and access to common landscaping materials like mulch and chips.

photo 4

The Phase 1 timeline is 8 – 10 weeks, so it is possible that the site could be open to the neighborhood in the spring of this year, perhaps as early as March.

photo 3


photo 2

Above are a few more pictures of the site as it currently is, with the green fence protector removed and all of the industrial recycling containers removed. Even without the installation of the community garden, the site already feels much more connected to the neighborhood and surrounding area. I’m looking forward to seeing the Golden Gate Park community garden when it is complete, and I might even put my name in the hat for a gardening plot.

What are your thoughts about the new community garden?  Feel free to leave a comment below, but please, keep it respectful!