Five Great Things About Noe Valley

Posted On: December 20, 2010
By: ffdadmin

The holidays are a great time to pause and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. At least, that is what my mom always tells me 😉 Personally, I say its a great time of year for tearing through wrapping paper with wild abandon and purchasing shiny expensive electronics from the Apple Store. But to each their own, right? In the spirit of thankfulness, here are five of my favorite things about Noe Valley in San Francisco.

One: 24th Street
The main shopping drag in Noe Valley, it is filled with great boutiques, restaurants, and stores. Whole Foods recently opened in the old Bell market space, and while the parking lot is always five kinds of crazy, it is still great to have such a good grocery store within easy walking distance. Noe Valley Bakery is also found along 24th street, stop in for a raspberry croissant or any of their cupcakes, you won’t be sorry you did!

Two: The weather
Noe Valley generally has some of the nicer weather in San Francisco. Twin Peaks does a great job of sheltering the neighborhood from the cool air, fog, and wind.

Three and Four: Douglass Playground and Dog Park
There are two great parks along Douglass street. The entrance to the playground is at roughly Douglass and 26th street. A block up the hill is the entrance to the dog park. Be sure to bring the appropriate accessory (dog or child) to the appropriate park. Otherwise, a mom may go medieval on you. Consider yourself warned.

Five: Noe Valley Recreation Center
Recently refurbished, the gleaming new Noe Valley rec center is a great neighborhood resource. It has indoor basketball courts (that can also be reserved for birthday parties or other events), interior play space, indoor theatre and stage, an outdoor kids playground, baseball/softball fields, and a separate dog park/play area as well. Located on the southern end of Noe Valley, it’s a wonderful Noe Valley treasure.