Energy & Water Conservation Disclosure – SF Real Estate

Posted On: October 22, 2015
By: ffdadmin

There are several forms that you will typically see related to energy and water conservation ordinances that affect real estate sales. Over the years, the city has enacted a variety of point-of-sale ordinances with regards to energy efficiency and water conservation.

// This post is a part of our series: Your Guide to a San Francisco Disclosure Package. //

The energy saving and water conservation disclosures you will receive are a mix of both *general disclosures* that explain the basic rules in San Francisco, as well as *property specific* documentation showing evidence of compliance that you may not receive until after your escrow has begun.

The disclosure documents take a variety of formats, but generally explain what the various laws are and who the apply to. In general, if the property is an owner-occupied single family home or condo and is being sold by the owner (who is alive), then the property will need to comply with the point of sale conservation ordinances.

The city requires inspection by a licensed inspector for the energy and water compliance, and issues a recorded document (pictured above) that provides proof of compliance with the city mandated energy and water conservation ordinances.


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