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Surrealistic Summer Solstice 2017 Concert at Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park.

San Francisco Surrealistic Summer Solstice 2017 concert at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. YouTube Video: Additional Episode Info: A medley of musical songs that hearken back to the 1960’s with a light show projected onto the conservatory of flowers. Nearby Neighborhoods: About the Conservatory of Flowers: adapted from SF Park and Rec […]

What’s Going on for 4th of July in San Francisco?

The 4th of July always brings plenty of events and fireworks to the Bay area. When you’re considering where to go to watch the fireworks and which events you want to attend, make sure you consider all the options. Here’s a look at some of the top events and fireworks displays throughout the San Francisco area for 2017.

Top 5 Speakeasies Found in San Francisco, CA

Heading out to a speakeasy in San Francisco for a cocktail might take you back to a simpler time. Even with Prohibition long gone, many residents love the idea of going to a “secret” bar. While these hidden San Francisco speakeasies may not be super secretive, they are still fun to enjoy. The history behind […]

How San Francisco Should Look…

How San Francisco should look is an argument (almost) as old as time. San Francisco is a town that struggles with its progressive dreams and conservative foundations. That’s what happens when a few shopkeepers put down roots and build a town to serve the gold-miners that used to show up looking for literal gold but now […]

Landmark Trees of San Francisco

Did you know San Francisco offers landmark tree status for the best trees? In true San Francisco fashion, the Chronicle has the story of a neighborhood dispute that offers a great way to learn all about landmark tree status! In short, a Russian Hill woman has petitioned to have a Redwood tree given landmark status. […]

Future Parking

Walk to the future! We wrote a few months back about changes coming to future parking options, and the Board of Supervisors today approved those changes. The planning and new construction approval process now has a bunch of new ways to incent developers to offer transit-friendly amenities, more space for bikes, and less parking for […]

Victorian Style or Victorian Era?

Matt and Omar sit down to talk about something that is quintessentially San Francisco: Victorians! In our true, one-take no edit fashion we managed to meander down a few side alleys while discussing Victorian Style or Victorian Era? Victorian Style or Victorian Era? What if a building was built in the Victorian style after the […]

Walk to the Future

If you’ve driven across San Francisco lately, you’ve noticed that traffic is congested enough that bicycles zoom past you and pedestrians will catch up with you at each light. If you think traffic is un-fun right now, just imagine 2040 when our streets will make room for 102,000 new city residents and 191,000 new jobs. […]

Our Grandmother’s Jade

While the right home begins with beds, baths and parking spots it never ends there. At least, not at our brokerage.

3 Things to Know About CleanPower SF

CleanPower SF is coming to San Francisco! CleanPowerSF is a program that began thanks to a state law that was passed more than a decade ago. CleanPower SF will allow residents to use greener energy without having to do anything extra. It wasn’t possible until now because the state had to pass a law forcing […]

San Francisco Street Signs: Before and After

Years ago we wrote about the new font for San Francisco street signs. Since that time, I’ve been looking for an intersection where there were street signs with identical street names but one set of signs used our older font (THE ONE THAT YELLS AT YOU) and the other set of signs used the newer […]

5 Tips to Protect Your San Francisco Home from Rain

With the heavy rain we are expecting in the next few days, you’ll have a good chance to observe how water is interacting with the exterior of your home. The trick is to remember when you are both home and it is light outside. I find a location-based reminder on my phone to work well! […]