Carbon Monoxide Devices Save Lives Disclosure – SF Real Estate

Posted On: August 30, 2015
By: ffdadmin

The Carbon Monoxide Devices Save Lives (or other CO disclosure) is a document that probably dates me to a certain era. You may or may not, at this point in time (2015 and forward) find it or a similar document in a San Francisco disclosure package.

 This post is a part of our series: Your Guide to a San Francisco Disclosure Package

The Carbon Monoxide Devices Save Lives (or other CO disclosure) is a *general* disclosure.

Up until 2011, carbon monoxide detectors were not required for compliance with any point of sale laws. However, beginning in 2011 the requirement that carbon monoxide detectors be present at the point of sale began to phase in, starting with single family and mobile homes.

In 2013, condominiums and all other dwelling types were also included. Use of a current transfer disclosure statement typically complies with disclosure requirements, it also important to see evidence that the property is in compliance with carbon monoxide detector requirements for that area and property type.

Appraisers, when performing an appraisal for a bank, will also look for carbon monoxide detectors and if they are not noted, it is typical for the bank to require their installation as a condition of receiving their loan.

So, depending on who is putting together the disclosure package, you may or may not see additional information or disclosures about carbon monoxide detectors and devices, their installation, or laws relating to their requirement.

As always, this blog post about carbon monoxide detectors isn’t legal advice, oar advice for your particular situation. We never suggest taking advice from strangers on the internet, so let us know if you’d like to meet in person some time.