Balboa Park

Posted On: September 17, 2012
By: ffdadmin

Balboa Park in San Francisco has recently undergone a pretty extensive facelift, with a brand new playground and updated tennis court surfaces. The new playground joins an extensive list of recreational facilities already available at Balboa Park:

  • Balboa Park – open area for walking, dogs, etc.
  • Balboa Park Swimming Pool
  • Matthew J. Boxer Soccer Stadium
  • George Wolfman Ball Fields
  • Tennis Courts

San Francisco’s Balboa Park sits on the edge of several neighborhood districts, at least as defined by the board of Realtors. Mission Terrace is to the east of Balboa Park, immediately across San Jose Ave. Sunnyside is to the west, with San Francisco City College being almost immediately to the west of the park (on the other side of I-280), and The Ingleside is to the Southwest, across Ocean and Geneva Avenues.

Below is a photo gallery of images from not only the updated playground, but the entire Balboa Park, San Francisco recreational area. Click on any image below to enlarge it and start a slideshow.

I have to say that I think the neighborhoods near Balboa Park in San Francisco are some of the most under-appreciated and under-valued neighborhoods. The location is incredibly transit friendly, with easy access to:

  • Balboa Park BART station
  •  K, L, M, and J-Church muni streetcar lines
  • I-280 for commuters heading south

The neighborhoods consist primarily of single family homes, some detached but mostly not, and a sprinkling of small condo buildings here and there. The Whole Foods on Ocean Ave. recently opened up, and Ocean Ave. has additional restaurants, shops, and cafes as well. If you are looking for a single family home in San Francisco, you’d do well to consider any of the neighborhoods that border Balboa Park.

I hope you enjoy the photos and slideshow, and I always look forward to reading your comments.

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