A Sunny, Foggy San Francisco Day

Posted On: June 1, 2012
By: ffdadmin

It’s Friday! Which means that I’m getting ready for a busy weekend of work while you get ready for a weekend! As I was driving in to the office this morning, headed west on Market St., a great photo opportunity presented itself. As you can see from the two pics below, today it is already sunny on the eastern side of San Francisco while the west side is still covered in a layer of fog.

Sutro Tower in the sun above the fog

While today feels like it will be warm enough to burn the fog off across the city, the fog creeping over Twin Peaks is a great example of the microclimates in San Francisco. Twin Peaks is a natural barrier to the cool ocean air, and it holds back the fog from the eastern half of the city, which is why people that want sun often pick neighborhoods like Noe Valley or The Mission.

The fog coming over Twin Peaks on a San Francisco morning

San Francisco is notorious for our microclimates, and these pictures are a good example of just how much difference a few blocks can make it your ambient temperature. Neighborhoods on the “backside” of the hill, like Cole Valley, the Sunset, Forest Hill, etc. are all still cool and cloudy while neighborhoods that are closer to the bay and on the other side of Twin Peaks are already sunny and warm (warm for San Francisco, if you are used to triple digit temperatures you’ll probably find San Francisco feels cold on even the warmest of days).

I also love both these pictures because I’m a sucker for a good picture of Sutro Tower, and even though I’m incredibly biased (since I took both pictures) I think these are both fun pictures of Sutro Tower.