A Pragmatic Pee Solution?

Posted On: February 3, 2016
By: ffdadmin

The public urinal recently added to Dolores Park has received quite a bit of national media attention. However, for all that attention it wasn’t until I actually visited the newly installed pissoir in person that I discovered its most remarkable yet un-remarked upon feature: the view!

The public urinal (we agree with SFist on this one – let’s call it a pissoir) is located at the SW corner of the park near the intersection of 20th and Church streets. It’s the park’s highest point, and it has a phenomenal view towards downtown and the bay. Leave it to the national media to come and make fun of San Francisco and miss the fact that our drunken tech bros (but not women) will not only be urinating in public, but they’ll have a view while doing it that most people only see on a postcard. Sadly, we doubt they’ll remember it.

As for the pissoir itself, we applaud the city on its installation. It seems like a rather pragmatic solution to an existing problem that wasn’t going away. Drunk folks were already standing around that area urinating in the bushes, so hey, let’s give them all the same place to aim for. SFist has some great answers to your stream of questions about the pissoir in Dolores Park:

Joey Kahn, the department’s Public Affairs Manager, provided us with some key pissoir-factoids. First off: Yes, the thing is finished and plants will grow up around it to provide privacy soon enough.

“The plants on the pissoir will grow similarly to ivy over the next several months to provide for additional privacy,” says Kahn. “In addition to the 27 toilets (up from 4) we’ve installed at Dolores Park, the pissoir gives an alternative that is more civilized than urinating in public.”

The plants are apparently Trumpet Vines — and we will all soon know if they’re “urine tolerant.”

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