Dogpatch: A Home for Urban Pioneers

Posted On: April 30, 2012
By: ffdadmin

If you haven’t heard by now, it’s a hot real estate Market in San Francisco. How hot? One of the newest projects to come to market, Millwheel South, has had so much advance interest that they’ve already sold several of the homes before their official grand opening. (scroll down for more photos/slideshow)


I was at the building last week, and had a little time to take some exterior photos of the building (which fronts both Indiana and Minnesota). The addresses for the building are 1301 Indiana St. and 1280 Minnesota St., and in total there are 32 homes in the building, but less than 32 are available for sale as you read this!

On a real estate map, the area is known as the Dogpatch. I’d say it’s a neighborhood for urban pioneers. Condo developments are going up – Esprit Park condos and park are just up the block – the Mission Bay Hospital is under construction, and lots that are currently home to granite warehouses and plumbing supply shops will eventually be transformed into homes or other uses more in keeping with the city that San Francisco becomes as it transforms from a naval and industrial center to a high-tech hub.

The grocery stores haven’t arrived yet, but restaurants and little boutiques are popping up across the neighborhood. Esprit Park (the park) was redone a few years ago and immediately across the street from Millwheel is Progress Park, which I’ve written about before. Are you an urban pioneer? If so, and your price range is the high 500’s to low 800’s, I’d advise you hitch your wagon on over to Millwheel before all the homesteads are sold.

Below are some pictures from my visit to Millwheel South last week:
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Important Information: Millwheel South is represented by Polaris Group. Neither Matt Fuller nor Britton Jackson are the listing agents for Millwheel South. If you have an agent or do not want independent representation, get in touch with them via their website or head directly on over to the sales office (on-site). Even more disclaimer: Real estate in San Francisco is a small, small, world, and while Polaris operates as its own legal entity, the principals have their roots at Zephyr Real Estate.