A house is such a strange thing…

Posted On: April 18, 2011
By: ffdadmin

I love to read, and the following quote from Please Look After Mom, a book I finished up over the weekend really spoke to me:

A house is such a strange thing. Everything else gets more worn when people handle it, and sometimes you can feel a person’s poison if you get too close to him, but that’s not what happens to a house. Even a good house falls apart quickly when nobody stops by. A house is alive only when there are people living in it, brushing against it, staying in it.

– Please Look After Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin

I came to the world of real estate from high-tech, where I interned and went to work for that big fruit company immediately upon graduation from college. There were a ton of reasons for the switch, but one of them was that I had really gotten tired of working with products that were pretty much obsolete the day they were introduced. Trust me, at this moment, the next iPad, iPhone, laptop, desktop, tablet is sitting somewhere in development and testing. Technology marches at a rapid and rather harsh pace.

So the timelessness of homes spoke to me on a personal level. But as Ms. Shin so eloquently observes, houses really are only alive when they are inhabited. They are extensions, in many ways, of their owners, and after a few years in real estate I came to understand that this job is as much about people as it is about homes. All the more so because homes have such a highly charged place in the American psyche.

So my apologies for going a bit philosophical on you this foggy Monday morning, but I just wanted to share that observation with you. You can read my saturday post about evicting the elderly for profit if you need something a bit less ephemeral.