3 Things to Know About CleanPower SF

Posted On: February 2, 2016
By: ffdadmin

CleanPower SF is coming to San Francisco! CleanPowerSF is a program that began thanks to a state law that was passed more than a decade ago. CleanPower SF will allow residents to use greener energy without having to do anything extra. It wasn’t possible until now because the state had to pass a law forcing utility companies like PG&E (or any utility) to distribute power from other companies over their power and energy distribution system.

In a traditional system, the utility provider both generates the electricity and distributes it to homes, then bills customers for their usage. This system is pictured below:



In the CleanPowerSF system, the SF PUC has gone out and purchased energy generation contracts from a variety of renewable energy sources (primarily solar, but some big wind, hydroelectric and other items are in there). Power from these sources will then be transferred through the PG&E system and billed through the PG&E system for San Francisco customers.

CleanPower SF is coming to San Francisco - learn more about how this program works for SF residents

CleanPower SF is coming to San Francisco – learn more about how this program works for SF residents

Your bill will still come from PG&E, but it will reflect the charges for energy creation from CleanPower SF/SF PUC. A sample of what your new bill will look like is below:



The base “green” package will consist of energy from between 33 – 50% renewable sources, while a slightly more expensive “SuperGreen” program will be an available upgrade. The power for SuperGreen clients will come from 100% renewable sources!!


Frequently Asked Questions about CleanPower SF:

1. Do I have to do anything to join?

No. In San Francisco, you will be automatically enrolled in the CleanPowerSF Green program. If you want to opt-out or select the SuperGreen program, you will have to make those selections yourself on your own time.

2. Will it cost more? 

According to the SFPUC, no.

3. When is this happening? 

The transition will begin this year. Later this year, the SFPUC and PG&E will start transitioning their commercial/business clients to the program. Then they’ll begin rolling out the program to residents, roughly following SF supervisor districts.