3 Great Things About Houses in Pacific Heights

Posted On: January 15, 2011
By: ffdadmin

Ah, Pacific Heights. The neighborhood that was home to the most expensive sale in 2010. Home to Billionaire Row, alleged to be the wealthiest block in the world . The fact that one of the 9 most expensive homes belongs to the owner of Add-A-Garage should tell you something about how valuable parking spots are in San Francisco! Also found along the row are houses belonging to heirs from the fortunes of Weyerhaeuser, Levi Strauss, Getty Oil and University of Phoenix (to name but four).

Pacific Heights, San Francisco

So what is there to love about houses in Pacific Heights, other than their sheer opulence and relationship to San Francisco history? Here are three things that I think are great about houses in Pacific Heights:

1) Views. Depending on where the house is at, it might or might not have a view, but if it does have a view, it will most likely be a spectacular view. Some houses in Pac. Heights have dead on views of the San Francisco bay and Golden Gate bridge, as well as Alcatraz, Angel Island, and Marin County. Prepare to be impressed.

2) Size. If you are hoping for either a large lot or a large home on a large lot, Pacific Heights gives  you some amazing possibilities. St. Francis Wood is home to the largest lot inSan Francisco, but these houses hold their own quite nicely. Of course, it should go without saying, that you’ll pay a premium for every square foot of house in Pacific Heights.

3) Open space. Lafayette and Alta Plaza parks are just two of the great parks that you can enjoy with a short walk from a house in Pacific Heights. Both have great playgrounds and dog play areas, and on a sunny and warm day can be a wonderful spot to plop down with a blanket and a bottle of wine for an impromptu picnic.