1979 & Older Construction
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1979 and Older Construction

They just don’t build them like they used to!

If that’s a thought that continually crosses your mind when you are shopping for a home, here’s our collection of San Francisco buildings built in 1979 or before.

Older buildings in SF offer homes in unbeatable locations that often have charm, character, and construction methods and materials that are no longer available. It’s also important to remember that in SF and California, year of construction affects how the building is subject to rent control as well as the types of rent-control it is subject to. In addition, California made major changes to Seismic building codes in the late 1970s that began showing up in buildings constructed roughly from 1980 and on. 1979 or older buildings may have been seismically updated or otherwise strengthened to address concerns of current occupants.

A building’s known original construction information doesn’t always reflect its current as-built condition. Researching and sharing building history is just one more great reason to engage us as a buyer’s agent!

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