About Us

Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller brings decades of experience and industry leadership to his role as Co-founder at Jackson Fuller Real Estate. His real estate career began in 2002 when he left Apple in search of a job with less travel — because being close to home was his number one concern as he planned to become a father.

Over the years he has sold hundreds of properties across the city, focusing on the city of San Francisco where 98% of his transactions have been. The first buyer he represented still owns their single-family home in the city, and the first home he listed was for an elderly woman whose parents had built the home, raised their family in it, and left it to her.

Matt has been very involved in organized real estate and was the 2017 President of the San Francisco Association of Realtors. In addition to being a Past President, he served as an elected Director for the association from 2013 – 2018 and was a past chair of their MLS & Technology committee as well as the 2015 Chief Financial Officer. He also served as a Director for the California Association of Realtors, where he is also the 2019 Vice-Chair for the MLS Policy Committee from 2016 to 2020.

He’s a father, husband, dog-lover, and crazy exercise enthusiast. When’s he’s not at work you’re likely to find him at the gym or with his family.

Volunteer Industry Leadership and non-profit board experience include:

Director, California Association of Realtors (2016 – 2020)
President, San Francisco Association of Realtors (2017)
President-Elect, San Francisco Association of Realtors (2016)
Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco Association of Realtors (2015)

His professional designations include:

Certified International Property Specialist
Graduate Realtor Institute

Select Media Appearances:

Britton Jackson

Britton Jackson is the reason this place exists, but she’s far too humble to tell you that herself. In Begin at the Beginning, episode one of our podcast about San Francisco real estate, she tells a delightful tale about her determination to do right by her clients. It’s a determination that has been evident every day since then.

Over the years she’s been a steady and driving force in San Francisco real estate who eats complex deals for breakfast. They might not make for exciting TV footage, but…. Subtly clears throat and looks at that other guy.

Bankruptcy court? She’s won there. Probate? Yep, that too.  Fractional financing or TIC? The NY Times has interviewed her, you can too. Lease option? Sure, she’s done that.

She has a reputation, though. A reputation that has enabled clients buying outside the city to make their purchase contingent upon a sale in which Britton was the listing agent.

She’s an avid dog-lover and she loves to cook, so when she’s not hard at work, you’re likely to find her at Crissy Field with her rescue mutts or the farmer’s market.

In her past professional lives, she has been a travel writer, a high school English teacher, executive editor at one dot-com, and editorial director at another.

Her professional designations include:

  • Certified Residential Specialist

About The Team

Decades of Experience

If it’s possible to know every square inch of San Francisco’s 49 square miles, we do. We’re endlessly fascinated by the people, history, and developments in our city — and we can’t imagine living anywhere else. When people ask us if we’ve seen a property or know a neighborhood, the answer is always a resounding YES, because we live, breathe, and eat real estate in San Francisco.

We understand that San Francisco is not an easy market, regardless of the direction it is moving.  We have been through up markets, down markets, balanced markets, and every point in between along the way. That enables us to guide clients to the right property in the right neighborhood at the right price at the right time — even if the market is super-heated or headed into a swoon. When it’s time to sell, we use our in-depth knowledge to obtain the best price possible, blended with bringing the best buyer with the best credentials to the table.

We don’t just care about getting a transaction done and moving on, never to be heard from again. We care deeply about what happens to our clients once they’re settled into their homes.  From monitoring the market to answering questions as they arise, we’re there. Always.

What would become Jackson Fuller Real Estate began in 2002 with two and continues to grow. Working with any of us means you are working with, well, all of us. We communicate extensively internally, trade market notes, and challenge each other to always be at our best for our clients. You’ll get the benefits of multiple perspectives, deep industry experience, and timely and prompt communications.

Our clients become our friends, and our friends become our clients.

To make it easy for you to verify our state licensing information, here are hyperlinks to our California Department of Real Estate licensing records:  Matt, Britton.